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“Featured snippets” are coveted by SEO specialists and marketers due to their high visibility and click-through rate. An estimated 8% of searchers click on featured snippets. And they’re typically easier to grab than the “natural” #1 result spot for competitive keywords.

Even if someone doesn’t click on your featured snippet…

Speaking of hard to scrape…Photo by James Lewis on Unsplash

I get to work with a variety of web scraping products and techniques at my job at Diffbot. Aligned with Diffbot’s mission to “structure the world’s knowledge” is an initial step of first gathering the underlying data to be structured. Diffbot is one of three western entities that truly crawl…


Person doing data science on laptop
Photo by Campaign Creators on Unsplash

I started my career right out of college as a data journalist. This meant that I was primarily researching and making infographics. For me, it laid a new foundation for what content was. At least for many types of content, you can let the data drive the idea. And then…

Merrill Cook

Content Marketing Manager @ Diffbot

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